A strong desire to ‘say something’ through her writing permeates everything Mandy writes.
She tries to convince others (and herself!) to remain hopeful in the face of daunting global issues.

Mandy’s writing includes:

Singing Home The Whale (Penguin Random House NZ) 2014
Shortlisted New Zealand Children's and Young Adults Book Awards 2015
Shortlisted YA section 2015 LIANZA Children's Book Awards
Notable Book Award, Storylines Trust 2015

Dear Vincent (Random House NZ)
WINNER YA section 2014 LIANZA Children's Book Awards
Notable Book Award, Storylines Trust, 2014

The Nature of Ash (Random House NZ 2012)
Winner LIANZA YA Book of the Year 2013
Shortlisted for NZ POst Children's Book Awards

Notable Book, Storylines Trust

The Crossing
Book One of the Blood of the Lamb trilogy (2008) 
WINNER of the 2010 NZ Post Children’s Book Awards for Young Adult Fiction
Shortlisted for the LIANZA Young Adult Fiction Award
Shortlisted for 2010 Sir Julius Vogel Award
Named as a 2010 Notable Book by the Storylines Children’s Literature Charitable Trust
Random House NZ Ltd. 
"Like 1984 for teenagers - direct, passionate and powerful" - Margaret Mahy.

Into the Wilderness
Book Two: Blood of the Lamb (2010)
Shortlisted for 2011 Sir Julius Vogel Award
Named as a 2011 Notable Book by the Storylines Children’s Literature Charitable Trust 

Random House NZ Ltd.

Book Three: Blood of the Lamb (2011)
Random House NZ Ltd.
2007 Random House NZ Ltd. Young adult novel.
WINNER of the Ester Glen Medal in the 2008 LIANZA Children's Book Awards - for the most distinguished book written for children/young adults in 2008.
Named a 2008 Notable Book by the Children's Literature Charitable Trust;

Run For The Trees
1999 Steele Roberts Ltd. Young Adult Adventure Novel; Endorsed by David Bellamy (world renowned botanist)and Paula Boock (Longacre Press); Shortlisted for “CanRead 2000; 2003. Re-published by Wings Press, USA; ‘Golden Wings Award’ (Publishers Award) May 2003

DARE To Move On
2007 A programme for use by the DARE Foundation of New Zealand, based around the book "Smashed" - for use with young people at risk.

DARE To Be You
2006 Five integrated resources written exclusively for The DARE Foundation of New Zealand, based around ‘Run For The Trees’; Modules include: Family Issues, Disability Issues, Self Esteem, Celebrating Diversity and Conservation Issue.

Tom's Story
Picture Book.
WINNER “Honour Award” in the Picture Book Category of the AIM Children’s Book Awards (1996)
Mallinson Rendel Publishers, NZ Ltd. (1995)
 Also produced for “Ears” National Radio,1995.

Juno Lucina
2002 Wings Press, USA
General Fiction novel; ISBN 1-59088-116-8 (247pp)
WINNER “Word Weavers Excellence Award” 2002;

Help! My Brain Hurts– Special Tips for Special Kids
2004 A guide for students with learning differences. Essential Resources Educational Publishers NZ Ltd.

Global Education Centre Resources

The Next
2005 An extensive 38,000 word resource for the Global Education Centre (‘providing an innovative approach for engaging young people in an exploration of social justice and global issues through Hip Hop.’)

'Global Bits' publication: www.globaled.org.nz
  • Slaves to Fashion - The threads that bind us
  • Healing the World - Back to the Future
  • Get Up! Stand Up! Music For Change
  • Weather Wars - The Politics of Climate Change
  • Cook Me Some Eggs, Woman! (Violence Against Women)
  • Who Are You In The Global Village? (Identity Issues)
  • Take Action
  • Money Matters
  • Parihaka and the gift of non-violent resistance
Learning Media NZ Ltd Resources

Double Danger
2000 Short Novel; subbed to HarperCollins UK, 2003.

Stumpy's Secret
2000 Short Novel; subbed to HarperCollins UK, 2003.

Various short stories and books, contracted by Learning Media NZ Ltd. 2000-06, including:
  • Spoiled by Oil (Orbit Double Take Series, August 2003) 
  • Wood Stork Swamp (Orbit Double Take Series, Jan 2003); 
  • The Oak Tree Kids (Environment Series, 2001); 
  • Stuck! (Orbit Additions Series 2001); 
  • The Mystery of the Midnight Muncher (Orbit 4 Collections, 2001); 
  • Creepy Rats and Scaredy-cats (Orbit Themed Collections, 2001); 
  • Sweet Peas (Part 1 Journal, 2001);
  • The Terrible Techno Turn-off (School Journal publication 2003); 
  • Beating the Frost (2004); 
  • Slot Canyons (2004); 
  • Tire Fire – Disasters (Orbit Collections G5; 2004);
  • Transforming Trash (Powerzone 2005); 
  • Oils Well That Ends Well (Orbit Collections; 2006); 
  • Energy of the Future (Orbit Collections, 2006); 
  • People Power (Orbit Investigations, 2006).
Film projects

“Crossing the Boundaries”
Full length Feature Film Script 
RUNNER-UP Feature Film Screenwriting Competition, River City Film Festival, 2003. (Film Wanganui Trust)

Full length film script adaptation 
FINALIST, Moondance Film Festival, USA, 2008

“He Drove Me Mad”
Directed and produced by Shirley Horricks. 
Premiere October 2008.

Mandy is represented by Mike Bryan and Heather Adams of the  HMA Literary Agency, UK.  Contact: Agency@HMALiteraryAgency.com