Monday, December 19, 2011

Exciting News for Christmas!

Blood of the Lamb Trilogy heading for the USA!

I posted off contracts for the publication of the trilogy in the USA by Pyr Books (
a science fiction and fantasy imprint from Prometheus Books
) thanks to Editorial Director Lou Anders (and, of course, my agent Joe Monti, of Barry Goldblatt Literary Agency, New York.) Thanks so much Lou and Joe!

I'm so excited by this - Pyr has an impeccable reputation for producing high quality books and Lou won the 2011 Hugo Award for Best Editor, Long Form. How cool is that? Go check out their website: and read the great comments about their achievements.

According to their website: Prometheus Books took its name from the courageous Greek god who gave fire to humans, lighting the way to reason, intelligence, and independence. Pyr, the Greek word for fire, continues this connection to fire and the liveliness of imagination. In its first exciting five years, Pyr has set the bar high for creativity, intelligence, and quality.

They have just made the leap into YA fiction (great call Lou!) and The Crossing should be available there in September next year (2012), followed by the Into The Wilderness and Resurrection in 2013. What a wonderful Christmas present!!

Speaking of Christmas, have a safe, happy, companionable Christmas and New Year - here's hoping 2012 is the best yet!

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  1. wow - congratulations Mandy. was just reading your post above too...your kids lucky to have you as their mum to get through it.